How I Became A Photographer!


Ever since I was a young kid I have always been excited about photography. Everywhere I went if there was a photo being taken I just had to be in it, and could hardly wait to see it, even though most of the time I was disappointed with the photos and didn’t like how they turned out. Back in those days there were no digital cameras, there was no second chances with a photograph, you took one hoping for the best and usually waited several days to get them developed to see how they looked. You couldn’t try over and over to get the perfect shot since film was expensive! If the shot had gone wrong, that was it, better luck next time. It was easy to blame the photographer, but to be honest it wasn’t always the photographer’s fault, sometimes I wasn’t ready or it wasn’t the best situation to take a great picture.

As I grew older I found myself more and more interested in photography, realizing that I didn’t just like having my photograph taken but that I also enjoyed taking photographs! I liked to be the one in charge of taking pictures and being behind the camera, and that’s when I started to see myself as a photographer. I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could, always looking for those perfect shots every time I had a camera in my hands. Over the years I have taken every opportunity to educate myself through self-study, various photography courses, and taking lots and lots of pictures, always looking for a way to improve my skills and expertise. Every time I hold a camera I will ask myself if this is a picture that people will see and tell themselves “This Picture Is Beyond A Shot”.